Anderson Shop Building

This project is a 4,557 square foot retail building that is ideally located with a 208,617 square foot Community Shopping Center anchored by a 183,917 square foot Super Wal-Mart. 

Location: SWC Rhonda Rd. and Pleasant Valley Rd.
City: Anderson
State: California
Zip: 96007

Traffic Count: Interstate 5 @ N. 273 Jct: 87,000 ADT
Highway 273 @ Pinon Ave: 22,300 ADT
Pleasant Valley Drive: 12,344 ADT
Average Household Income: $53,945.00
Trade Area Population: 46,575

Store Specifications: Interior improvements include heating, air conditioning, acoustical tile ceiling with recessed lighting, fixturized handicapped restroom, cement slab floor, finished unpainted walls, electrical outlets, glass store front and doors. Retail shop space is forty (40) feet deep.

Comments: The Anderson Market Place provides a fabulous opportunity to serve the rapidly growing customer base in the greater Anderson area and South Shasta County. It is ideally located at I-5 and Highway 273 across from the Outlet Factory which will provide a great destination retail area serving the surrounding counties, local residents and thousands of vacationers who travel through the area throughout the year. 

Shopping Center Spaces (for detail map click on Leasing Plan )

1: Starbucks
2: Big Apple Bagels
3: Surf City Squeeze.